June 2023

Congratulations to Fulla and Jaclyn for passing their written prelims!

June 2023

Congratulations to Lily for successfully defending her dissertation!

April 2023

Welcome to Che-Kang Chang to the lab as the newest student in the Microbiology and Immunology Department!

November 2022

Congratulations to Jack passing his Prelim exam!

February 2022

Congratulations to Jenny for receiving a mentoring award from BBSP!

December 2021

Congratulations to Jake and Lily for passing their oral Prelim exam!

November 2021

Congratulations to Marta Cruz Cisneros for being awarded the Graduate Diversity Enrichment Program Award from Burroughs Wellcome Fund!

September 2021

Congratulations to Brea K. Hampton for receiving a F99/K00 Award from the National Institute for Aging!

Congratulations to Jake Dillard for passing his Microbiology and Immunology Preliminary Exam!

July 2021

Congratulations to Lily for passing her written prelim!

April 2021

Welcome to Jack Sears to the lab! Jack will be co-mentored between the Heise and Moorman labs!

February 2021

Congratulations to the lab’s newest graduate Dr. Emily Madden for successfully defending her thesis work!

October 2020

Emily’s paper, “Using SHAPE-MaP to model RNA secondary structure and identify 3′UTR variation in chikungunya virus” has been published in Journal of Virology!

July 2020

Congratulations to Jenny for passing her written qualifying exam in Microbiology and Immunology!

April 2020

Congratulations to Kelsey for her paper in Cell reports on “Complex Genetic Architecture Underlies Regulation of Influenza-A-Virus-Specific Antibody Responses in the Collaborative Cross” .

Welcome to our newest lab Lily Adams to the Heise Lab who is also co-mentored by Dr. Ralph Baric.

Congratulations to Emily Madden who was awarded a Dissertation Completion Fellowship by the Graduate School.  She was also named to the Royster Society of Fellows, which recognizes exceptionally talented students with outstanding academic and professional experience and achievement!

Congratulations to lab leader Mark Heise, and our collaborators, Ralph Baric and Nat Moorman, for their involvement in the READDI (Rapidly Emerging Antiviral Drug Development Initiative) – UNC partnership!

March 2020

Welcome to Jake Dillard to the Heise lab!

Congratulations to Kelsey Noll for defending her thesis and becoming the most recent doctor in the lab! Kelsey was co-mentored by Mark Heise and Marty Ferris.

November 2019

Brea was featured in the AAI Newsletter!

October 2019 

Sanjay’s Review, “Mouse Models as Resources for Studying Infectious Diseases” was published

August 2019 

Congratulations to Marta for passing her written qualifying exam in the Genetics and Molecular Biology curriculum!

June 2019 

Congratulations to Brea Hampton in the Genetics and Molecular and Biology Curriculum is awarded the prestigious HHMI Gilliam Fellowship!


May 2019 

Marta Cruz Cisneros and Jenny Loome join the lab!

April 2019

Congratulations to Jenny Loome who was awarded the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

Kelsey’s Review, “The Collaborative Cross: A Systems Genetics Resource for Studying Host-Pathogen Interactions” is out in Cell Host and Microbe!